Book Review: The Perfectly Imperfect Home

Fresh New Items!

The month of February means new merchandise at Kyle Fine Stationery! The owner of our little paper store ventured her way to market and chose some beautiful items for the floor. If you are not familiar with our store, or have not had a chance to come in for a visit, we strive that every item goes along with our theme, “social grace”. We love this theme so much, we even made it into a hashtag (refer to our Instagram page).

Social Grace

Choosing our merchandise carefully helps us educate and assist our customers into living with social grace. Encouraging a handwritten letter to a friend for no reason, paper placemats that add a little fun to your dinner table, French soaps, and meaningful gift ideas help us remind our customer to slow down from their busy lifestyle and think about the others around them. Whether it's giving a gift, writing an encouraging word or making them feel comfortable in your home while they visit, we are here.

Book Review

This is one of the reasons we have fallen in love with our most recent book, “The Perfectly Imperfect Home” by Deborah Needleman. You may have heard of her before, since she is the founding editor of Domino Magazine. Domino, being a breath of fresh air in the magazine realm, we would expect nothing less from her book.

Needleman offers this adorable book with helpful hints to make your home less stiff, for those who think every item in their home should be perfect and your home have a little more structure, for those of us who have no direction! Her tagline, “How to decorate and live well”, offers a huge relief to those of us who are working with an eclectic gathering of grandmother’s furniture and items we have repainted dozens of times to fit the current needs of a room.

Every Room Needs Personality

“The key is to invite your personality in.” (p.135) As she talks through the different rooms in your home, she encourages you to bring in your own style, your life. Personally, I love her idea of bringing in mementos from trips, like postcards to use as art while you are saving up or waiting to find that perfect piece of art. Needleman encourages color as well, even when you are going for an all white theme. Color, personality and memories that you hold dear will not only allow you to feel comfortable in your own home, but also your guests. Today, in 2015, we are no longer sitting in drawing rooms with the most precise posture holding a cup of tea in our hands as we talk about the recent love interests of Mr. Darcy. Even though our conversations may be the same, and our tea may be sweet now, make your home to where a guest, whether it be your best friend or a recent acquaintance feels like they could stay all day just chatting away with you escaping the toils of life.

Pesky Items

Again, I love Needleman’s advice of practicality. She brings up the issue that in our homes we use items like remotes, tissues, hairpins, paper clips, etc. often. For example, I like to keep pens, notepads and journals near my reading chair and bed. Just in case I have a brilliant idea, or just remember to call Sally to schedule my next hair appointment. She suggests that with the help of a tray, everyday eclectic items can become a design element. Also, by adding a vase of flowers to a tray, you will help make it a complete piece. 

Needleman’s Advice

Deborah offers wonderful tips in her book next to the adorable illustrations that say what to spend on and what to save on. For example, ottoman are for your feet, so don’t worry about investing your leather couch money into it, that’s a good item to buy on sale or online. 

I believe her ten-year-old son summed up her book very nicely as he stated, “This book is just about moving stuff around in your house so it looks better.” And he is right on the dot about that! This is a wonderful investment to have in making your home aesthetically pleasing by not spending any money. But you may want to after seeing the darling illustrations included in her book!

So join us at the store to buy a copy of Needleman’s book! We would love to see you.