Okay it's a week into the new year-how are those resolutions holding up? If you haven't even started or you have already broken them, it's okay. Kyle Fine Stationery is here to help.

One way we can help is to provide you with all the items to keep you organized at home or in touch with friends and family! Of course we think this year everyone should resolve to WRITE MORE. Writing more can come in many forms like being better at thank you notes, sending birthday greetings via snail mail, journaling or just a friendly note to say hello. It doesn't take a lot of time and if you have the stationery already on hand then it's as easy as buying a postage stamp!

The first step would be to find your perfect stationery.  Currently we have two sales that are going on that can help make that process a little easier on the wallet. Maybe one of your resolutions is to save money so this could be one of those "two birds with one stone" situations!  

Crane is having a complimentary engraving die sale.  With any order of 100 or more pieces of engraved stationery from Crane your engraving die is free. That's a savings of $48 to $96 depending on the number of dies your need.  

Just as a refresher from Crane's website: Engraving is the finest, most distinct form of three-dimensional “raised printing.” No other paper manufacturer offers our engraving quality, craftsmanship and level of service. As a highly skilled craft dating back to the 16th century, engraving conveys an unspoken message of distinction and timelessness. It has a warmth and elegance all its own. Running your fingers over a piece of engraved stationery reveals the textures unique to engraving — finely detailed, raised letters with slight indentations on the reverse side of the paper. There is no substitute for true engraving.

If you aren't ready to purchase engraved stationery or you are more of a fan of embossed stationery then Embossed Graphics is having their famous Buy One Get One Free stationery sale. This sale is applicable to their raised ink and embossed cards and folded notes.  It's a great value and you can typically get 100 pieces of stationery for around $50. 

We all know our customers were nice instead of naughty this past holiday, so Santa brought y'all lots of presents.  Now you probably need to write Santa or Santa's helpers thank you notes. Don't wait too long and miss out on these great sales. 

And finally, living in a big college football town like Tuscaloosa, we loved to see this story about Kansas State's head coach Bill Snyder. If you have a moment, please read this article about how Coach Snyder is "still penning old-school notes" to players on his personalized stationery.  It's so refreshing in our fast-paced world but let's make 2015 the year stationery makes a comeback and it starts to be the "new-school" note!