Happy National Handwriting Day!

Happy Handwriting day to all of our paper loving customers and followers!

Handwriting is an art that we take special consideration to foster here at the store. Most of us learned cursive in elementary school and were taught to keep our writing neat or our papers would not be graded, and what a terrifying thought for a third grader! Many children these days are not even learning cursive in school, and the younger children remember how to make their signature and that’s about all.

Write More

So today, we encourage you to get out your pencil or pen and start “handwriting doodling”! The wondrous thing about handwriting is that it does not have to be perfect! Think of fonts… some are curly, some are more serious and some are on the fancier side. So never worry that your writing is not neat enough or doesn’t look like someone else’s, start practicing getting more comfortable with your own handwriting. Write a letter to a relative that may live across the country. I love receiving letters from friends and family that I have not been with in a while. Reading their words and seeing their handwriting is so personal! It’s the next closest thing to having them in the same town as me. Another option is to write a little note in your journal about something that happened today to record a memorable event; you will sure appreciate rereading your thoughts in months and years to come.

The Science behind Handwriting

Handwriting is so personal to you, individually; it’s like a fingerprint. No other person on the earth has handwriting just like you. It’s such a powerful trait to individuals that forensic scientist are able to either convict or free a subject in question. The forensic scientists call in handwriting analysis… I bet you never thought that was a career path! Many sources of analysis say that having two people with matching handwriting is nearly impossible!


In conclusion today, celebrate the art of handwriting by taking class or meeting notes by hand, writing down your grocery list instead of keeping it in your smart phone or jotting a quick note to a friend (you may never know how much they need an encouraging word from you).  

Yours Truly,