Everyone loves a gracious receiver. We’ve all gone out of our way for others in our life, and as many of us don’t expect to be acknowledged, it is always a rewarding feeling to receive a little note of appreciation. I’m sure you can remember a time where mom sat you down in the home office to write thank-you letters for all those fun Barbie dolls you received at your princess themed birthday party. How you agonized over a tiny thank-you letter to Sally, the girl you sat next to in kindergarten.

As you have grown older, you’ve learned a lot, accomplished many tasks and that should not be short of becoming a gracious person. The affect you can have on someone’s day by expressing your gratitude of a present, a meal or even just a visit can be extraordinary.

A situation that everyone runs into is “I don’t have anything else to say but thank-you… Thanks for the awesome candle; I use it all the time.” Start tapping into your skills to write your letter. Say something more along the lines of…

Dear Sophia,

Thank-you so much for the lovely Christmas candle you gave to me last week. It has made my home smell so inviting and I think of you and your sweet friendship every time I light it. Even my sons have complimented me on how nice the house smells lately. “It doesn't smell like soccer socks anymore, Mom,” is usually how Sam’s comments go.

 You are such a thoughtful gift giver, and I am so thankful to have you in my life. I hope that your presentation at work goes wonderfully next week, as I know you were anxious about it last week when we met for brunch. Keep in touch!


Thank-you letters can be so simple, but so thoughtful. Make sure that what you write measures up to the thoughtfulness that the gift was given. If you’re worried that your writing will sound too plain, just Google a Thesaurus or attempt to find yours from when you took English 110 in college and make your writing a bit more flowery.

Another tip in your letter writing career is to add a favorite verse or quote of yours. When you’re not sure how to fill up all the space on your stationery, add one of your favorite quotes or a quote about your relationship with that person. It’s another way to place your “brand” on the letter.

In conclusion today, remember that thank-you notes are not simply just for gifts! Write a thank-you letter after running into a long lost friend at the market and let them know of how it made your day. Or just a letter to tell your friend or family member how much you appreciate them will speak volumes. I make a habit out of thanking house guests that I host. No one is expecting that, but just write a letter expressing how lovely it was to have them in your home and include your favorite memory from the weekend; even if they came into town for a conference and stayed with you, tell them you enjoyed catching up over coffee and the warm fire after they arrived home that day. We need not only to be thankful for gifts we receive but the blessings that we obtain in our lives. We, as a society need to start being more vocal about what really makes our heart sing and letting other people know. 

If you need any more tips on how to write thank-you notes or even better how to get your children to write thank-you notes head over to Dear Abby's column here.    Also, one of our lovely customers Jana blogged about her own personal stationery here and how it has inspired her to write more! You can see her beautiful photo of her stationery on her blog and in the gallery above.  Thanks for the shout out Jana!